A Guide for Creating Dementia Friendly Communities in Alberta

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This guide documents the steps we took, and the lessons we learned along the way, in our Dementia Friendly Communities pilot project. It is intended to be used as a guide to creating a Dementia Friendly Community in other communities.

Throughout the journey of creating a Dementia Friendly Community in the geographic areas of Calgary Westhills and Okotoks, Alberta, we have heard the voices and stories of many community members who are living with or have been impacted by dementia.

We have also engaged with various stakeholders along the way to ensure this initiative was an inclusive journey, reflecting a diverse representation of the community, while also leveraging the strengths of our community partners. By working together, we can better understand and meet the community’s needs. 

Many of these voices, stories and partnerships come to life throughout this guide to illustrate the steps we embarked upon in our pilot project. We hope these stories and case studies will inspire you on your journey toward creating a Dementia Friendly Community!

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